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Faint Of Hearts [userpic]

The Boys Are Waiting

March 22nd, 2006 (09:04 am)

ye ken: alreet man no too bad
song: milkshake goodnight nurse

Heyloo todays my day off and Im goin doon the toon fur a chippy with Crusty
And it's my bday like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON so everyone needs to get me a wee prezzy and then I'm going to gay paris woot woot i pure canae wait man.

All the frenchness man I wish id stayed in that class oooh well wott can one do? Nuhin so im aff efter Mwah lovey jen XxX

Faint Of Hearts [userpic]

tap tap tap your toes to the beat

March 10th, 2006 (08:09 am)

song: ryan adams > firecracker

It's raining outside and I have to walk to work, I'm not happy at all :(
Also the fact that I'm going to work you know.
But ooooooooohhhhh my shoozies came yesterday, I had to order them coz they didn't have a size 5 in and they came yesterday, I've got them on right now even though I'm in my pyjamas. They look cool though.
wot else, oh these new people started in my work that's about it really. The woman is kinda boggle eyed they stick out quite far and she's dead nervous too.

YAAAY I just deleted all 736 of my emails, WOOOHOOO thats made me cheery I hate crappy email coz they stop you getting to the good ones. Aye work's gonna be crappy tonite I'm not lookin forward to it tear. I just really cannae be ared and Alan told me I was ignorin him yesterday, I wasn't. He was avoidin me.

I away Bye Jen XxX

Faint Of Hearts [userpic]


March 6th, 2006 (08:36 am)

ye ken: cheery mcleary
song: alexisonfire sharks and danger

Thats pure bo man I'm going into town 2day n I'm gonna buy a pair of Hey Zeus shoooozies. Yay and I'm gonna buy a new lip bar thingy but kinda dark maybe black or dark purple or sumthing. I aslso want some specs thats b wee groovy.

derek was in work yesterday and he made me fail my check thing because I was talking to him. Thats shite man. he got his lip pierced again and it looks bo but he was eatin and it fell out AHAHAHAA n he couldnt get it back in so he put a wee plaster over it twas hilarious. He's got shorter.

I'm going to go coz i just am rite so cye later. XxX

Oh ive also decided that I AM going to get my lip done again at the left side it'll be bo man, but I'll get it in June after prom :)

Faint Of Hearts [userpic]

Imagine if we lived, under the weather

March 5th, 2006 (10:14 am)

ye ken: just nothin
song: alexisonfire no transistory

yet again the internet has made me sad, I really don't like it.
I've also decided that I'm going to but a camera and take lots of yummy picture and be a photographer.
I'm going to go on a day trip to the zoo, Edinburgh zoo and see all the animals and have a nice time, maybe in May or June when it's nice and warm and toasty. :)
I'm going to go to Uni or college and study mortuary science and become a funeral director. Or get an apprenticeship with the Coop.
I'm going to stop being a fatty and go to the gym.
I'm going to go to work later.
I mite see Derek.
I will be bored.
I'll eat some Golden Grahams.

I made this

sheep cake

Faint Of Hearts [userpic]

my man wants to buy you something, he wants to take you out for dinner and dancing

March 1st, 2006 (08:21 am)

ye ken: yas im nt workin
song: alexisonfire : Accidents


I'm just doin me barnet the nooo for I'm goin into town to buy a wee dress for the ald Spring Fling 2moro should be a good crack like. I saw this ded pretty one in Jane Norman which is quite nice I need to get a hairband to wear that matches I love hairbands.

I'm in love with Golden Grahams and I finally found a shop that sells them. Now you mite b thinkin "You can get Golden Grahams everywhere" but you'd be wrong. Seriously have a look for them they're impossible to find. Anyway if anyone's wanting to buy some you can get them in Tesco in Ayr for a bargainous 90p I almost wet myself wen i saw they were half price, so naturally I had to buy two. I am well Happy n I'm eating them at the mo............mmmmmm! Honey goodness!!!! Cinnamon Grahams are baws.

Oh also I've left school now YAAAY! There's tyhis burd at my work n she's like 17 or sumthin n she's only went n got herself up the duff. Shockin, n her boyfriend that worked there got the sack so I'm wonderin whats goin down. At first I though she was pregnant but now shes like out to here -->

Oh n Bunmi you're rite about that guy being miserable all the time, seriously he never cracks a smile. But then again I never smile in work coz it's shite n wen we saw him he was on his todd n only nutters smile on their todd. MAybe he's just comlex but I do know one thing, you want his boab. I checked his badge again his name's Chris.

I can't wait til I get paid on Friday, I just only hope that I'm off soon so I can do a wee bitty O the ald shoapin malarky, anyway there's like so much stuff I want to buy. Firstly CDs I ahve to buy Thrice and Alexisonfire. And aye well i'm away.

Cya Jen

Faint Of Hearts [userpic]

You Decide To Answer When My Fist Swings Hello

February 23rd, 2006 (10:17 am)

ye ken: contemplative
song: Death FRom Above 1979 : Blood On Our Hands

I hate the internet, I've decided. It's sooo bad for you n it always makes me sad for some reason n then I can't get to sleep it's weird.
Also not being at school n havin duthin to do is baaaaaad coz I just end up comin on here n writing random bollocks EVERY DAY instead of studyin but to be perfectly honest I don't see there's any point in studyin.
I also hate it wen people use the word 'batch' I just don't like it.

Yesterday I got up really early n got washed n did my hair n everything and I soo ahd the best intentions of goin to the library n studyin ALL day but I just didn't. Me n job were gonna go but she couldn't coz she couldn't move so I thought "right I'll go on me todd n I'll get loads done" How wrong I was, I finished gettin ready at like 8 n I didn't have to leave till about 9 ish. But then I could talkin to Derek for like two n a half hours n I ended up leavin at quarter to 11. That's alrite tho coz almost every table at the library was empty n Emma was there so I sat with her. That's also good coz Emma actually does work so maybe she'll have a good effect on me n I'll study. No. I just sat there starin into space for a while you know thinkin about Tootz n then I realised I'd had nothin to eat so Iw ent n bought some melon slice, what a rammy that was they didn't even taste like melon. So I got back tot he library n Chu was there so i stood talkin to her for like 2 hours coz I aint seen her in pure ages man. That was a good crack but then she's like "oh I'm meetin Hayley here at half three" By this time it was half three n her n Hayley were goin to the travel agent to see ablout flights for their wee Singapore deelay so I just went with them. By the time we were finished it was half five n I got the bus home. So all in all it was not a productive day.

Today I'm doin this instead of studying but then there's the whole aaah why am I staudying thing. it's weird. But at half four I'm workin so that'll be good if Derek's workin, I hope so he was in last nite but I wasn't :( I think that's the only time i have ever wished I was workin. Oh I told him about h=the fire brigade thing n he's like go for who's stopping u n all that. So i just went about my business n I looked in the ald paper n my horoscope for yesterday said :

"Some people will tell you that you can have anything you want and I wouldn't disagree with that. However, your nature is one of caution and reality-perhaps too cautious and too real. Go on, extend yourself and surprise youself"

That's weird I'm telling you something freaky is happening there. I think it must be a sign that I am destined to join the fire brigade. Must be. Right speakin of Derek he told me to go n see his band n to bring people so if anyone thinks they mite fancy a wee bit O metal in April then they should come. It'll be a good crack.

I made some Angel Delight last night, it was strawberry.
I've got a bit of a probelem with Angel Delight. No, I have coz, firstly the name "Angel Delight" There it is right Angel Delight. Now as far as I'm concerned that's a bot of a grandiose claim. Do you know whay I mean? I've never been visited by an angel but I'm guessin that a shitty powdered snack isn't actually enough to bring great joy to a celestial entity. Then ther's the packaging, you know you've got the name "Angel Delight" at the top and then at the bottom it says "serving suggestion" and there's just like a picture of a bowl of Angel Delight. How retarded do they think we are? there's like a load of people just pouring milk into that packet "I can't figure it out". It's just ridiculous. What you can do if you know someone on the Slim Fast plan, just mix a bot of Angel Delight in there. They'll never loose any weight.

Righty well I better get to the ald studying malarky.
Cye later Jen XxX

Faint Of Hearts [userpic]

I love fish fingers I do

February 21st, 2006 (08:26 pm)

ye ken: a bit oo er u get me?
song: dignity dies first



Faint Of Hearts [userpic]

This is the scent of dead skin on a linoleum floor

February 20th, 2006 (10:17 am)

ye ken: I am starvin man
song: Thrice, stand and feel your worth

Ah man I'm workin at half 4 till quarter to 9 wot is the point in that? I mean jst make it half 8 or 9 I think this every friday n every friday peeps ask me wen I finish n every friday they say hhhmmm thats a bit weird. And every friday I say I know.
2moro I'm working at half 11 til half 8 OMG wot une shitey shift. N then on sunday I'm half 3 half 8 then thursday half 4 half 8 then firday again weith the half 4 quarter to 9 then saturday i'm haf past bloody 8 int mornin til half 3 Thats well bollocks too fekin early for me. Bt wt can u do I guess its quite good in a way cz I have zero money n that'll keep me well busy whilst makin sum doh. Not too shabby n then I get paid on the 3rd of march wen I'm off to town to get tapers n plugs n all that n to have une wee chat wae the piercer in Flip I can't believe the hostility of some people I reallly can't. They'd do well to remember they were in the same position as me at one point.

Ach well Panic! at the disco''s album is AMAZIN man i actually cannot stop listening to it I suppose it's got Coheed off the stereo which believe me is a big achievement, nothing gets them off. I think if I wrote CD reviews for a magazine or something that'd be the biggest compliment ever that I could give them. Wow they must be good. A;so they're playing the Academy on April 22nd which as you all know is 3 days before my 18th YAAAY! And if i can wangle somne tickets from sumwhere me n Bunmi r gonna go if she's allowed. OOOOHHH i hope so I don't want another Gordon-gate on my hands. Paddy'l be good for it though.

LAst nite I had to do distress I HATE doin distress it's so dull I was actually searching for a noose I ahte it that much. Anyway I never know where things go and I feel like a big willy goin "where does this go?" Especially wen I was puttin the veg n that back n the guy was like "ur so silly" and he told b to put tyhe bad stuff in this place n i wasn't really sure wot he was talkin bout so I just put it behind the banana board.
N then the other day he made me put tomatoes back, what? i don't want to put the tomatoes back and it's no my job.
Well alrite so it's eh Monday now n I'm workin at half two I was gonna say the last time wen I was writin this on Friday I think, that I hadn't seen Tootz at work for pure ages man but then on Saturday he was in. And anyway we were havin a wee chat n then again yesterday, his name isn't actually Tootz, (SHOCK HORROR)it's Derek. He's pure fit man.

Pretty Sean got a bit weird yesterday but I can't really explain it it's one of those things that u need to see or need to know exactly wot I'm on about to get.

I'm off to get something to eat n then jsut get ready for work so efter

Jen XxX

Faint Of Hearts [userpic]

In A Phrase To Cut These Lips I Love You

February 12th, 2006 (09:30 pm)

ye ken: MIXED
song: Of Dust And Nations : Thrice

Well I'm dead bored n such like, I bought my Mum une camera tother day n I was so bored I thought I'll take pics of just random stuff, as is my want of an evening but then I was so bored there was nowt to take pics of. HAHA wot a baws story that was.
I was at work 2day like n it was shite. Coz I started at 10 which is too bloody early but at least I finished at 4 2moro im on from half 11 til half 8 which is une major rammy. But Pretty Sean was in, AAAH he seriously is the only thing that keeps me sane in that place coz he is so fine. Well that and imagining random stuff like walking around the supermarket with Claudio and wot we would buy. And how every1 looks at us coz we're so weird but we love it. Really that is wot I'm thinking at work which kind of tells you how boring and repetative and shite it is.
But back to Pretty Sean, aaaw he's very pretty he has dark hair and the other day he shaved it. nNow he looks weird coz his head is dead lumpy but he's still the hottness of the shop. Apart from me obviously hohoho wot a hoot i am.

PATD comes out 2moro n i am well excited. OH man i've no mentioned Coheed< It was PURE AMAZIN MAN! I loved it eccept I gave Gordon a ticket for free n he just took it n fecked aff wiv alan of all people n now ive no spoke to him since. N with good reason too I am well peed at him. I hope he feels really guilty but I seriously doubt he does, hes such an arse he probably thinks I've wronged him by making him w8 outside for like a whole 5 minutes while I was getting there. Jesus I deserve a slap I am such a bad feckin person. I tell u it's kucky Stuart n paddy were goin too or I'd b completely on my todd. I would have had to get into town and back again l8 at nite on me own. :( Everywhere I looked there were fit and I mean FI-I-I-IT guys, I almost passsed out. And then The Sex was on the stage it just really doesn't get any better.

I had a juicy steak for dinner 2nite, it were top. :) I put cheese on it YUM I know I'm not really supposed to eat the dairy n the meat 2gether but I really don't care anymore it tasted bloody delish! I mean I tried it for a while but it really didnt work out for me and I'm sorry if that makes me a bad person but I don't care.

I have cramp n its quite sore it could be worse n I've already taken 6 special pills 2day. I hate this time of the month. Sometimes I just wish I was a geezer.

I've rekindled my relationship with hairbands, skinny hairbands. And now after I came in with my goldy one on Monday everyones got then. It's nice i suppose but i cant help myself from feeling slightly annoyed. MEH

Dustin from Thrice is rather hot yeh, i prefered his baldy head though. Rite I think I'm going to hit the sack coz I#m sleeepy n i've gt a long day ahead of me :(
Nitey nite

Over & out Conneticut - loves it Jen XxX

Faint Of Hearts [userpic]

She Shatters Like Broken Glass

January 29th, 2006 (01:05 pm)

ye ken: Pissed the fuck off
song: Ashlee simpson Boyfriend

Well its like 5 past 1 and Im workin in aboot 3 hours until 11. OH MY GOD!!!! Eleven oclock at bloody nite time and ive pure gt the old school int mornin. Thats a total RAMMAAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm well pissed off coz we're doin this mad stock take thingy and I so canae be arsed all I'll be doin is countin stuff, how shite. And I think I'm in like the freezer bit6 so thats even shiter coz It'll be baltic.

It was Job's birthday yesterday n we went out n it were a pure good crack. First we went up to her work for summit to eat, n i jad this mad chicken thing, it were ded nice. But I thot I'd feel weird coz it was just gonna be me n all her work peeps n at first it was and I felt like a total jake but then I was just like rite cool. So after that me n Job n Clelland n Gordon n Nice Craig went to Centre pants oh yes I have nae class. Class? NANE. So anyways aye it were good, n me n Gordo were talkin about bands n stuff it was class. But then me n Nice Craig got talkin n he is so cute. Poor thing got jumped n he has all stitches in his eye n stuff. AAAAAWWWW!!!

FUCK ME i just got aff the fone with Kirsty n all my gear is at her gaff, my make up n everything n she just told me she cant bring it up n i cant go n get it coz her dad is a fuckin nutter n hates me now coz she stayed out too late. I'm sorry was it my fault she didnt come home till 10 int mornin NAW was i even with her NAW n now i dont get my things, things that i seriously need coz she was an arsehole n stayed at Clellands. it's fuckin shite, n dye know wot she said, she said "I'll see what I can bring 2moro" ULL C WOT U CAN BRING 2MORO? Are u havin a laff? Thats not fuckin good enuff. I have to go to fucking work and school lookin like shit and on the off chance she mite bring it in. Which I can almost guarantee she wont she'll either forget and just be like "oh i forgot" all casual and nicey nicey like it's nothin or her phsychopathic father will have chucked it out. It's like AAAAARRRRRGGGG I am seriously pissed off rite about now. I cannot go out lookin like this. I'm gonna go down there n fuckin get my stuff i dnt give a shit wot her dad says I need my gear. I dnt think I've ever been this annoyed in my life.

anyway back to nice Craig hes really nice, n after Centre Pants we kinda just walked about n we ended up outside Duncanrig for sum reason twas strange but cool. Then we decided it was baltic so he foned a taxi n we got in that n then it came to my gaff n my gaff is well scaffy bt anyway n i was like do u want sum money n he goes nah nah its alrite. So then the taxi took him all the way home to clarkston. N he was tellin me about his wee car its the same one as Constantines only silver. He is well fit man.

Rite well I best be off n try n make myself look decent ha wot a laff this shud be.

Over n out Captain - sumthing lurks creeps on the counter top sumwhere behind u parasitic cyst i cant stand to watch its coming up n out of ur chest. Remember wen we were young i sit up rite on the table a photograph of earth feeding me a way back frightened i tear alone or maybe not the only one there hello hello?

Sorry about that

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